Programme of Society Meetings 2015-16

The programme of talks for 2015-16 is as follows:

Friday 11th September – D. H. Lawrence Birthday Lecture by Dr Howard J. Booth, entitled “At last to newness”: The Rainbow and the Dream of a Better World, to be held in the Hall Park Academy, Lecture Theatre, Mansfield Road Eastwood at 7.00 – 9.00 PM.

Wednesday 14th October – Stephen Bailey: Lawrence and Bennett – men from the North.

Wednesday 11th November – Mac Daly: “What does Lawrence have to do with Eastwood any more?”.

Wednesday 9th December – Christmas Dinner with Readings.

Wednesday 13th January – Sorrel Kerbel: Lawrence and the Unconscious.

Wednesday 16th February – Dave Brock: D. H. Lawrence, Ted Hughes and our Relationship with Animals.

Wednesday 9th March – Bob Haywood: F. R. Leavis and Lady C.

Wednesday 13th April – Bethan Jones – “The Prussion Officer” and “Billy Budd”: Lawrence’s “imperfect politics of war”.

Wednesday 11th May – Adam Lang “Sea and Sardinia” 1921. Lawrence, the QB (Queen Bee) and Sardinia today.

Wednesday 8th June – Andrew Frayn –  D. H. Lawrence’s “Bay”.  War, destruction and reconstruction.

Wednesday 13th July – AGM, with Readings and Discussion.


About DH Lawrence Society

The DH Lawrence Society, based in Eastwood Nottingham.
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One Response to Programme of Society Meetings 2015-16

  1. mardykid says:

    Please note that I recently agreed with Brenda Summers that Chris Nottingham would give a talk on October 14th in my place, and that I would give my talk on Lawrence and Bennett in the following season. Can you correct the notice on this basis please?

    Stephen Bailey

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