JDHLS Volume 4, Number 3 (2017)



JDHLS Volume 4, Number 3 (2017)


‘D.H. Lawrence and Cornwall: Chronology’

‘Time, Place and History in D.H. Lawrence’s Travel Writing’

~Neil Roberts

”A New Continent of the Soul’: D.H. Lawrence, Portcothan and the Necessary Fiction of Cornwall’

~Andrew Harrison

‘Murry vs. Carswell: Conflicting Versions of D.H. Lawrence During His Time in Cornwall’

~Jonathan Long

‘Configurations of Trespass in the Works of D.H. Lawrence’

~Holly Laird

”Primeval Darkness’ and ‘Chasmal Beauty’: An Ecocritical Rereading of Cornwall in the Work of D.H. Lawrence and Thomas Hardy’

~Adrian Tait

‘From Cornwall to New Mexico: Primal Cultures and Belief in Lawrence’

~Margaret Storch

‘The Legacy of D.H. Lawrence’s Time in Cornwall’

~Jane Costin