JDHLS Volume 5, Number 1 (2018)

JDHLS Volume 5, Number 1 (2018)


Editorial Notes and Acknowledgements

~Susan Reid

Future Letters of D.H. Lawrence

~John Worthen and Andrew Harrison

A New Edition of D.H. Lawrence’s ‘[Autobiographical Fragment (A Dream of Life)]’

~Hiroshi Muto

D.H. Lawrence on Trial Yet Again: The Charge? It’s Ridiculous!

~Judith Ruderman

Shifting the Axis: Regional Modernism in Kangaroo–A Foreground to Australian Literary Modernism

~David Game

D.H. Lawrence’s Georgic

~Nanette Norris

The ‘Moony’ Chapter of Women in Love Revisited

~Terry Gifford

Lawrence, Dostoevsky and The Last Temptation by Christ

~Catherine Brown

‘The Flute in Aaron’s Rod’

~Ian Thomson

Lawrence in the Limonaia [Lemon Garden]

~Colm Kerrigan

Literary Cure: D.H. Lawrence in Post-Fascist Italy

~Fredrik Tydal


Notes on Contributors