Programme of Meetings 2014/15


Thursday 11th September  – The D.H.Lawrence Birthday Lecture

Catherine Brown: D.H.Lawrence and the First World War (to be held at Eastwood Comprehensive School Theatre).

Wednesday 8th October – Maria Thanassa: Putting Lawrence on Stage.

Wednesday 12th November – Chris Nottingham: The gentle art of making enemies, Lawrence and his many detractors.

Wednesday 10th December – Christmas Dinner with Readings.


Wednesday 14th January – Bring, read and discuss your favourite passages from D.H.Lawrence.

Wednesday 11th February – Annalise Grice: Lawrence’s Early Writing and the Literary Marketplace.

Wednesday 11th March – Kate McLoughlin: How Lawrence Depicts Colour in his Poetry.

Wednesday 8th April – Sue Reid: Men who have come through: D.H.Lawrence, Anthony Burgess and Music.

Wednesday 13th May – Selected reading (and acting?) from the plays of D.H.Lawrence.

Wednesday 10th June – Stephen Alexander: D.H.Lawrence and the Art of Sensation.

Wednesday 8th July – AGM, with Readings and Discussion.

(Please bring your favourite D.H.Lawrence Poems and Passages to read and enjoy.)

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