Conference Timetable




LONDON, U.K., 3rd – 8th July 2017




A reminder about using public transport:

Please ensure that you have either ascertained that your bank card works on the Tube, or that you have bought (from an overground or underground station) an Oyster card (valid on overground trains, underground trains, and buses) charged up with at least £10, before you attend any of these events:

  1. Hampstead (afternoon of Wednesday 5th July)
  2. The Wine Evening (evening of Wednesday 5th July)
  3. The Conference Dinner (evening of Thursday 6th July)

If you would like to avoid travelling underground/doing the associated walking, and would prefer to do any of these journeys by taxi, please ensure that you know the venue and time at which you will be meeting the group. This should be clear from the below.


A useful phone number, to be used judiciously:

In case of being lost, or any other distress, call Catherine Brown on (0044) (0)7815 040315 (note that this phone will be muted during academic and artistic performances).


A note about your key card:

Please remember to bring this with you on each day that you attend the conference. It will open the front door of the College, and all interior doors to rooms associated with the conference, from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm, Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th July.


Wifi in NCH:


MONDAY 3rd July 2017


11.00-3.30 Conference Registration New College of the Humanities (NCH), 19 Bedford Square, WC1B 3HH On your arrival, either the front door of the College will be open, or you should ring the bell by the front door (do the latter if you are arriving on any day other than Monday). On registration, you will be asked to make various choices about walking tours and restaurants (with restricted options operating on a first-come first-served basis). In your registration pack you will find a swipe card which doubles as your name card, and your access card to NCH’s front door and those of its internal doors that pertain to our conference. Please bring this card with you on every day that you attend the conference.

Tea and Coffee will be served in the Senior Common Room throughout the registration period.




Bloomsbury Walking Tour Starting and finishing at NCH With one of: John Worthen, Maria Thanassa, and Catherine Brown

Exact timings and groupings to be decided according to demand. Please read the accompanying notes on the conference website, ‘Walking Tours Information’

4.00-4.30 Welcome and Opening NCH

Drawing Room

A welcome from Executive Director Catherine Brown, and Master of NCH Anthony Grayling
4.30-5.30 Opening Lecture NCH

Drawing Room

Patrick Flanery, introduced by Fiona Fleming

‘Of Lawrence’s Other Spaces’

6.00-7.30 Welcome Dinner Various restaurants near NCH No single restaurant near NCH is large enough to take us all, so we will divide between a few local restaurants
8.00 Drama Evening RADA,

16 Chenies Street, WC1E 7EX

5 minutes’ walk from NCH

An evening of Lawrencian drama: Tennessee Williams’s recently-discovered fragment The Night of the Zeppelin, followed by Lawrence’s The Merry-Go-Round, both performed by the NCH student drama society, Bedfellows


TUESDAY 4th July 2017


9.00-10.30 Session 1 NCH




Drawing Room


Parallel strands of academic papers held in different rooms at NCH; the same goes for all other ‘Session’s


Lawrence and Women

Chair: Holly Laird


Sandra Jobson Darroch ‘44 Bedford Square and D.H. Lawrence’


Helen Wussow ‘Tiny Skirts, Shingled Hair, and Green Stockings: D.H. Lawrence’s Fascination with Fashion’


Joseph Shafer ‘The Body of Polarized Jouissance: Sylvia Plath’s Final Return to Lawrence in London’

10.30-11.00 Tea NCH

Senior Common Room (SCR)

11.00-12.30 Session 2




Drawing Room
















The Croydon Years

Chair: Annalise Grice


Christopher Pollnitz, ‘D. H. Lawrence: Croydon Poet’


Barbara Kearns, ‘Driven into the womanly valley: the barmaid, the vicar’s daughter and the genesis of Lady C.’


Elizabeth Fox, ‘Doing my Part for Women’: D.H. Lawrence, Feminism, and Anti-Feminism’



Lawrencian Binaries and Unities

Chair: Margaret Storch


Michael Bell, ‘The Absolute, the Relative and the Novel’


Aleksandr Prigozhin, ‘The Elemental Lawrence’


Jim Phelps, ‘Blood and Mental Consciousness’: D. H. Lawrence’s concept of the ‘biological psyche’ and its relation to his ‘art-speech’ reconsidered in the light of developing neuroscience’

12.30-2.00 Lunch NCH SCR Served in the Senior Common Room; you are welcome to take your food to one of the teaching rooms on the second and third floors of the College, or else to take it out into the key garden of Bedford Square (in good weather); the same goes for all other lunches
2.00-3.30 Walking tour of Bloomsbury Starting and finishing at NCH With one of: John Worthen, Maria Thanassa, and Catherine Brown. There are two different tours, so it would be possible to go on one on Monday and a different one today. Please read the accompanying notes on the conference website, ‘Walking Tours Information’
3.30-4.00 Tea NCH SCR
4.00-5.30 Session 3




Drawing Room
















Literary London

Chair: Catherine Brown


Jonathan Long, ‘Hope I get Croydon’ – was D H Lawrence rather more attracted to London than is generally portrayed?’


Joyce Wexler

‘How London Launched Lawrence’


Paul Eggert

‘Simultaneously everywhere and nowhere: Superseding London as centre of the publishing world’


New Mexican Promise

Chair: Simonetta de Filippis


Bradley Tepper, ‘D. H. Lawrence’s ‘O! Americans!’: Sympathy with, but not for, Native Americans’


Feroza Jussawalla, ‘From Metropole to Periphery: The Self-Reflective Journey of Lawrence, the Author’

5.45-7.00 Keynote Address NCH

Drawing Room

Address given by David Game, introduced by Andrew Harrison: ‘Lawrentian Lovers: Patrick White and Spud Johnson’
8.15 (door from 7.45) Music and Poetry Evening St George’s Church, Bloomsbury, Bloomsbury Way,


10 minutes’ walk from NCH

An evening of Lawrence’s poetry, and related music. Please note that there is little time for dinner between the close of David Game’s keynote address at 7.00, and the Music and Poetry evening at 8.15. Graduate Fellows will advise on where one can find something fast to eat in the right area.


WEDNESDAY 5th July 2017


9.00-10.30 Session 4 NCH

Drawing Room






















World War I in London

Chair: Jane Costin


Holly Laird, ‘Figuring Mobility in D. H. Lawrence’s City Poems’


Lee Jenkins, ‘a strange new response’: art and life during wartime in the Mecklenburgh Square days’


Catherine Brown, ‘Lawrence’s Kot and Kot’s London’


London and Beyond

Chair: Paul Eggert


Howard Booth, ‘With violent achings heaving to burst the sleep’: Lawrence, the North and London’


Julianne Newmark, ‘Lawrence’s Interregnum in London: To ‘Shatter [the] Enclosure’ of the Old World’


Nancy Paxton, ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Green Hat: Or, How Lawrence’s Thought Adventures and World Travels Transformed His View of London’

10.30-11.00 Tea NCH SCR  
11.00-12.30 Session 5 NCH

Drawing Room


Chair: David Game


Andrew Cooper, ‘D.H. Lawrence and Psychogeography’


Zeynep Atayurt-Fenge, ‘Uncanny’ Occurrences: Lawrentian Hampstead in “The Last Laugh”’


Ping Song, ‘Spatial Depth, Heterotopia and the Imperial Unconscious in D.H. Lawrence’s Kangaroo

12.30-2.00 Lunch NCH SCR  
2.00 onwards



2.00 pm leave NCH


Travel by Tube to Hampstead Station


Start tour approx. 3.00


End tour approx. 4.30


Walking tour of Hampstead Heath Hampstead Heath, a Tube journey ride from NCH. We will be travelling there together in groups. With one of John Worthen, Maria Thanassa, and Catherine Brown. Please read the accompanying notes on the conference website, ‘Walking Tours Information’.


After the tour, according to desire, individuals may then:

a)     spend longer in Hampstead to take tea/walk on Hampstead Heath/explore sites on the tour further

b)    return to central London

c)     go to Catherine Brown’s house for the evening wine reception (Graduate Fellows and Tour Guides will lead any groups that wish to do this)


Anyone wishing to do a) and/or b):


i) Get on at Hampstead Heath overground station, which is where the tour finishes

ii) Go two stops West to West Hampstead

iii) Change at West Hampstead to the Tube station there, which is on the Jubilee Line

iv) From there go to whichever Tube stop is needed in central London


Alternatively, retrace the last half mile of the tour in order to get on to the Tube system at Hampstead Station


Anyone wishing to do c) independently:


i) Get on at Hampstead Heath overground station, which is where the tour finishes

ii) Go four stops West to Brondesbury Park station (this takes 7 minutes)

iii) Come out of the station (don’t forget to swipe out with bank cards/Oyster cards; there are no barriers, simply a yellow circular swipe point on the wall in the entrance/exit area on your right as you are leaving)

iv) Turn right

v) Walk straight down the road for approx. ten minutes until you get to a cross roads, with Harvist Road going off to the right, and Brondesbury Road going off to the left

vi) Turn left onto Brondesbury Road

vii) Number 51 is approximately 5 minutes’ walk on the left hand side


Anyone wishing to return to central London, or go to the wine evening, by taxi, should call (or ask a guide or Graduate Fellow with a mobile phone to call) on of:


(44) (0)207 3283939

(44) (0)207 76245167


[NB if calling on a UK card, start 0207; if calling from a foreign card, start ‘+’ (or ’00’) ’44 207]


Say: could I have cab from Hampstead Heath overground station (South End Road, Hampstead, NW3 2QD) to 51 Brondesbury Road (Kilburn, NW6 6BP)?


Ask for the price in advance; these minicabs are not metered. The approx. price should be £6.

7.00 onwards Wine Reception at Catherine Brown’s house 51 Brondesbury Road, Kilburn, NW6 6BP Graduate Fellows will guide those wishing to attend this event by train from Hampstead Heath to Kilburn; they are not far apart.


To return to central London after the wine evening, Graduate Fellows will be available to assist, but the instructions are to go to Queen’s Park Station, which is on both the tube and overground systems.


To reach Queen’s Park Station from the house:


i) Go out of the house and turn right

ii) Walk 5 minutes until you reach a crossroads

iii) At the crossroads turn left

iv) You will see Queen’s Park Station immediately on your right.


To get from Queen’s Park Station to South Bloomsbury by tube (approx 20 minutes):

i)               go South on the Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus

ii)             change to the Central Line

iii)            take the one stop East to Tottenham Court Road


NB The last tube train departs at 00.15


To get from Queen’s Park Station to North Bloomsbury by overground (12 minutes):

i)                 take an Overground train South

to Euston Station


NB The last overground train departs at 23.57


If you wish to leave later than the last train, please take a taxi (more expensive) or a night bus (cheaper, but you might need to wait for a bit at the bus stop, since night buses are not very frequent)


To call a Taxi

Call (or ask a guide or Graduate Fellow with a phone to call):


(44) (0)207 3283939

(44) (0)207 76245167


[NB if calling on a UK card, start 0207; if calling from a foreign card, start ‘+’ (or ’00’) ’44 207]

Say: ‘could I have cab from  51 Brondesbury Road (Kilburn, NW6 6BP) to [your destination; have the postcode to hand if possible]?’


Ask for the price in advance; these minicabs are not metered. The approx. price to get to Bloomsbury at night will be £14.


Night Bus

i)               Come out of the house and turn left

ii)             Walk to Kilburn High Road and turn left

iii)            Find after approx. 100m a bus stop on the right hand side of the road for the N [night bus] 98

iv)            Take the N98 to Oxford Street, or wherever is most convenient for you in that area


THURSDAY 6th July 2017


9.00-10.30 Session 6 NCH

Drawing Room

















Lawrence’s Anti-urbanism

Chair: Paul Poplawski


Fiona Fleming, ‘The Downfall of ‘world-cities’ in D. H. Lawrence and Oswald Spengler’


Stewart Smith, ‘Narcosis and Nihilism: Lawrence’s London of the ‘Last Man’


Tatsuro Ide, ‘The Community of the Nameless on Hospitality to Others: D. H. Lawrence’s Response to his Conception of City in ‘The Woman Who Rode Away,’ ‘The Man Who Loved Islands,’ and The Man Who Died


Evolutions in Lawrence’s Thought

Chair: Marina Ragachewskaya


Violeta Sotirova, ‘Lawrence’s Revisions of Women in Love


Margaret Storch, ‘The Nasty Gamekeeper: From the White Peacock to Connie Chatterley’


Doo-Sun Ryu, ‘Current Postcolonial Theories and Lawrence’s Mornings in Mexico and Other Essays

10.30-11.00 Tea NCH SCR  
11.00-12.30 Session 7 NCH

Drawing Room












Lawrence’s Aesthetics

Chair: Andrew Harrison


Sue Reid, ‘“This place is so noisy”: D. H. Lawrence, his contemporaries and the soundscapes of London’


Simonetta de Filippis, ‘Experimentalism and ideology in D. H. Lawrence’s theatre: the case of David



Lawrence’s Paintings in London:

Chair: Jonathan Long


Marie-Geraldine Rademacher

‘Lawrence, London, and Sexual Education’


Carmen Musat, ‘The plurality of D. H. Lawrence’s language: modernism as a form of liberty’

12.30-2.00 Lunch NCH SCR  
2.00-3.15 Meeting of CCILC NCH

Drawing Room

3.15-3.45 Tea NCH SCR  
3.45-5.15 Session 8 NCH

Drawing Room















Café Royal

Chair: Lee Jenkins


Jane Costin, ‘It’s a bad place, but there is nowhere else’: Lawrence and the whirlpool of the Café Royal’


Marina Ragachewskaya, ‘Women in Love and in London (a Study of London Bohemia in D.H. Lawrence’s Novel)’


Peter Balbert, ‘Catalytic London and the Voluptuous Suffocation: Nightmare and Sexual Revenge in ‘The Borderline’


Lawrence in Japan and Korea

Chair: Sue Reid


Masashi Asai, ‘Lawrence’s London, Soseki’s London’


Hiroshi Muto, ‘The CAMBRIDGE Edition of ‘[Autobiographical Fragment] (‘[Newthorpe in 2927]’)’


Yeo-Sun Park, ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover in London, Tokyo, and Seoul’

5.30-6.30 Keynote Address NCH

Drawing Room

Address given by Paul Poplawski, introduced by Jonathan Long, ‘City Shoes to Mountain Boots, or, On Taking the Next Step: D.H. Lawrence’s Transformational Styles of Wander/Wonder’
6.30-7.30 Keynote Address NCH

Drawing Room

Address given by Judith Ruderman, introduced by Ted Simonds, ‘Lawrence on Trial Yet Again: The Charge? It’s Ridiculous!’
7.45 Journey by Tube to Kensington Leaving from NCH Travel to the venue will be done as a group from NCH by Tube. For anyone doing this independently:


i)               go to Tottenham Court Road tube station.

ii)             go one stop South on the Northern Line to Leicester Square

iii)            change onto the Picadilly Line

iv)            go six stops West to Gloucester Road Station

v)             the hotel is immediately behind (South of) the Tube station


For anyone who wishes to see 9 Selwood Terrace, where Lawrence and Frieda were staying with Gordon Campbell at the time that they got married at Kensington Registry Office, Graduate Fellows will guide you the 500 m there and back from the Tube station/hotel.

8.30 for 9.00 Conference Dinner Gloucester Millennium Hotel, Kensington, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4HL Dinner in ‘The Conservatory’ room, to be preceded by the DHLSNA Awards Ceremony, and punctuated by a performance of a selection from Glyn Bailey’s musical, Lawrence (



FRIDAY 7th July 2017


9.00-10.30 Session 9 NCH

Drawing Room
















London’s Affects

Chair: Joe Shafer


Margrét Gunarsdóttir Champion, ‘“Flesh of my flesh”: City Affect and Spirit of Place in D H Lawrence’s Women in Love


Terry Gifford, ‘A savage wilderness in the heart of London’: Gardens and the Organic in Aaron’s Rod

Ravi Nambiar, ‘D. H. Lawrence and Lawrence Durrell as Eudaemonistic Novelists’


Lawrence Among His Contemporaries

Chair: Nancy Paxton


Andrew Harrison, ‘D. H. Lawrence, the Buckinghamshire period, and Gilbert Cannan’s Windmills (1915)’


Annalise Grice, ‘“A fresh green poet”: ‘Rachel Annand Taylor’ (1910)


Richard Kaye, ‘The Shadow Knows: Lawrence, Joyce, and the Limitations of Modernist Empathy’

10.30-11.00 Tea NCH SCR  
11.00-12.30 Session 10 NCH

Drawing Room
















Why Lawrence Hated London:

Chair: Terry Gifford


Nick Ceramella, ‘In and Out of London: Lawrence’s Nightmarish Experience’

Joyjit Ghosh, ‘London in the time of War (1914-1918): Re-reading D.H. Lawrence’s Letters’

Pamela Wright, ‘So Long, Bright Lights and Big City: Disillusionment and the Metropolis in D.H. Lawrence’s “A Modern Lover” and Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”’


Lawrence’s Philosophies

Chair: Howard Booth


Garry Watson, ‘Lawrence as life-believer: his continuing relevance to us today’

Gaku Iwai, ‘Parallel Development of Bestwood and the Morels: Sociology in Sons and Lovers


Sungho Kim, ‘Figuring the Affective: Lawrence, Spinoza, and the Idea of the Novel’

12.30-2.00 Lunch NCH SCR  
2.00-3.30 Session 11 NCH

Drawing Room













Cosmopolitanising Lawrence

Chair: Masashi Asai


Colm Kerrigan, ‘What about the East End?’


Laura Ryan, ‘Strangers in Strange Lands: D. H. Lawrence and Claude McKay at Home and Abroad’


Marko Modiano, ‘Early Translations of D. H. Lawrence in a Nordic Context’


Beyond Human Consciousness

Chair: Michael Bell


Carrie Rohman, ‘A Delicate and Difficult Dance: Lawrence’s Animal Ecology’


Dolat Khan, ‘Lawrence’s possible encounter with different mystical and semi-mystical ideas popular in his time’


Alice Dollé Nichol, ‘On Creating WoMen in Love: An Intimate Immersive Adaptation

3.30-4.00 Tea NCH SCR  
4.00-5.00 Closing Plenary NCH

Drawing Room

Address given by Marianna Torgovnick, introduced by Nick Ceramella, ‘My

D.H. Lawrence: Critics, Friends, and Possessiveness as Theme’

5.00-5.30 Announcement of next conference and closure NCH

Drawing Room





8.30 Departure of coach from London for Eastwood NCH
11.30-1.00 Eastwood Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Visit to Birthplace, and walk around Eastwood, guided by Andrew Harrison
1.45-3.15 Beauvale Priory Beauvale, Nottinghamshire Guided tour by Ann Whyte, and lunch
3.25-3.40 Moorgreen Reservoir Moorgreen, Nottinghamshire Short stop
4.15-6.00 Matlock Matlock, Peak District, Derbyshire Free time for a visit and tea
6.20-7.00 Mountain Cottage Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbyshire Short visit to see the cottage and surroundings
10.00 Arrival in London NCH Goodbye and have good journeys home!